August 14, 2008

Why won't Jim Inhofe stop spamming me?

For months I've been getting spam from the Oklahoma Republican party. Ryan Cassin has been told that I do not wish to receive spam from the Inhofe campaign, yet the spam continues. I've asked politely several times for all of my addresses to be removed from the Inhofe/Republican database(s) but my requests have been ignored. Is it so damn important to win an election that a politician can spam whomever he wants whenever he wants?

My point is this:

Inhofe's campaign is spamming one email address that was only used to order pizza from Papa John's Pizza. When I ordered the pizza I do not remember seeing an optional checkbox to receive Inhofe spam next to the checkboxes for pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions and anchovies. There was no fine print that stated my email address would be signed up 'as a volunteer' for the Inhofe campaign. Nevertheless, I am getting spam after spam thanking me for 'being a volunteer' for the Inhofe campaign. Why? While I am a registered Republican, that status is soon to change. I cannot and will not be a member of a party that thinks spamming people is OK.

The Inhofe campaign is also spamming an email address that was only used to set up a web based email address at Nowhere on the web site does it say that I will be added to the Inhofe campaign 'as a volunteer'. Since I use coded email addresses every time I use an email address I know precisely when and where an email address was given out and for what purpose. That way, even if I forget giving out an email address, if I start getting emails from ebay sent to then I know that it is an email address I actually gave out.

I just called the Inhofe campaign headquarters again at 405.843.4294 to try YET AGAIN to get all of my addresses removed from the Inhofe database(s). Mr. Ryan Cassin again promisses to call me back. We'll see if he does.

March 30, 2008

Republicans love spam

For some reason, Republicans love spam. They love to send spam. They love to read spam. And MOST OF ALL, they love LEGALIZING spam. It's totally true. Earlier I was sued by spammers and I lost. The judge was republican. I appealed the decision and was told that the spammers had broken no laws, by more republican judges, even though the spammers admitted in open court that they did not have my permission to send me email. They even acknowledged that someone else signed me up in a completely different state.

Now I am still getting spam from the spammers that sued me and won. I am also getting spam from Jim Inhofe and a senator in Colorado by the name of Steve Ward. Why he thinks an Oklahoman cares anything about his Colorado interests is beyond me. To top it all off, this Ward guy is spamming an email address that was harvested off of one of my business web sites. It is a site that has never endorsed one candidate over another, especially not senators from Colorado.

At any rate, I have had it with spam. I’ve had it with the Republican Party. I can’t be a democrat and I can no longer be a republican. I guess I’ll have to be an independent.

January 30, 2008

Some Spammers just NEVER LEARN!

Just when I thought I had heard the last of my spamming friends in Florida, I get a notice to appear in court to answer as to my assets. Funny thing is, I had to sell what few assets I had to pay my legal bills. I guess now the spammers want to take my computer or servers.

You would think after spending a quarter million dollars or more on suing the crap out of me they would rethink that strategy when it comes to trying to get me to cooperate with their current agenda, whatever that may be.

Truth is, I think its funny. It shows their true colors in a way that I could never do. What will make my documentary about this lawsuit so great is that the spammers confess to being spammers in their VERY OWN WORDS. The script for the documentary has been lifted directly out of court documents so there is no question as to 'who' said 'what' when my film debuts later this year at a regional film festival.

Hey spammers.... want a 'writing credit' in the movie's credits? It could be arranged if you're willing to be just a little reasonable when dealing with me.

January 16, 2008

The Spammer Next Door

I totally thought I was done seeing 'legitimate organizations' utilizing spam lists. Especially spam lists that came from pushers of penis pills.

I was wrong.

Yesterday I received a campaign announcement 'thanking me for being a grass roots supporter' of a politician for whom I have *never* volunteered. At this point, he is not someone I would ever vote for unless he were to apologize for sending spam and -- this is the big one -- STOP sending anyone else spam. I want to opt out from their list ONCE. I want to opt out one time, yet this spunky little spammer says unless I give him each and every address, every time they spam me, there is nothing he can do. He also refuses to give me his physical address.

If he would simply stop sending out emails claiming that the recipient is a 'grass roots supporter' unless the campaign has actually been given such a request by each recipient. Federal spam law refers to this concept as 'affirmative consent' when an email marketer can verify the email address requested mailings with the proper documentation. In this case, the sender cannot provide any form of affirmative consent.

They have a dirty list spam problem. They have no idea who IS and who is NOT really a willing recipient of their emails. Their lists 'come from several sources'.

As I wrap up production of my first feature film I realize that America doesn't have the foggiest clue concerning the world's spam problem. The spammer next door is the problem. Your cousin who promotes a cruise line. Your best friend's daughter who works for a university's Internet marketing department. Your 24 year old son who just got himself a great position on a re-election campaign.

Spammers are everywhere and we do business with them every day.

We just don't know it.

This fall the world finds out why they have such a spam problem. The reason is so shocking you may find it hard to believe.

January 13, 2008

SLAPP SUIT Movie Trailer

The Documentary I've been working on for the better part of the last five years will be done this fall. I would invite everyone IN the documentary to join us for the debut at a film festival TBA. We'd like to premier at South by Southwest, but we'll see what opportunities present themselves when the time is right.

Here's the trailer:

OK, So I am on Blogger, now what?

OK. So I got my MySpace page. I have facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Can we all get back to work now?

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