March 30, 2008

Republicans love spam

For some reason, Republicans love spam. They love to send spam. They love to read spam. And MOST OF ALL, they love LEGALIZING spam. It's totally true. Earlier I was sued by spammers and I lost. The judge was republican. I appealed the decision and was told that the spammers had broken no laws, by more republican judges, even though the spammers admitted in open court that they did not have my permission to send me email. They even acknowledged that someone else signed me up in a completely different state.

Now I am still getting spam from the spammers that sued me and won. I am also getting spam from Jim Inhofe and a senator in Colorado by the name of Steve Ward. Why he thinks an Oklahoman cares anything about his Colorado interests is beyond me. To top it all off, this Ward guy is spamming an email address that was harvested off of one of my business web sites. It is a site that has never endorsed one candidate over another, especially not senators from Colorado.

At any rate, I have had it with spam. I’ve had it with the Republican Party. I can’t be a democrat and I can no longer be a republican. I guess I’ll have to be an independent.

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