January 30, 2008

Some Spammers just NEVER LEARN!

Just when I thought I had heard the last of my spamming friends in Florida, I get a notice to appear in court to answer as to my assets. Funny thing is, I had to sell what few assets I had to pay my legal bills. I guess now the spammers want to take my computer or servers.

You would think after spending a quarter million dollars or more on suing the crap out of me they would rethink that strategy when it comes to trying to get me to cooperate with their current agenda, whatever that may be.

Truth is, I think its funny. It shows their true colors in a way that I could never do. What will make my documentary about this lawsuit so great is that the spammers confess to being spammers in their VERY OWN WORDS. The script for the documentary has been lifted directly out of court documents so there is no question as to 'who' said 'what' when my film debuts later this year at a regional film festival.

Hey spammers.... want a 'writing credit' in the movie's credits? It could be arranged if you're willing to be just a little reasonable when dealing with me.

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